Founder & President

Meet Alexandra Madison, Founder & President of Alexandra Madison an eponymous jewelry company. Since a young age, Alexandra has had a passion for both business and jewelry, which has driven her success as an entrepreneur. Starting in Long Island, New York, her company has since expanded globally. With her unwavering commitment to excellence, Alexandra Madison remains a leader in the jewelry industry. Alexandra Madison has built a reputation for her expertise in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of high-quality jewelry. As the Founder and President of her own company, Alexandra Madison oversees all aspects of the business, from sourcing and selecting the finest materials to managing a team of skilled professionals who bring her designs to life. Under Alexandra's leadership, her company has experienced tremendous growth. Despite this success, she remains deeply invested in the creative process, spending countless hours designing new pieces and refining existing ones. Alexandra’s  ongoing commitment to excellence ensures that her company will continue to be a major player in the world of luxury jewelry for years to come. Her dedication to excellence continues to inspire and influence designers and entrepreneurs in the jewelry industry and beyond.